World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Preview

Game Rant is offering up another preview of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, only this time they share their impressions of the new goblin race.
You start off as a freshly promoted Goblin of the Bilgewater Cartel, trying to move up the corporate ladder using all the tricks you have, including flogging Kaja'Cola and schmoozing at parties. You have an assistant helping you out, but you still need to take things into your own hands, like getting the perfect party dress, getting the trolls working and even a little taxi work. Yes, that's right, you get your own roadster at level 2 to help you navigate around the gigantic city of Kezan. It even has a custom license plate stating Time is Money.

Then things go terribly wrong when the Volcano suddenly becomes active due to the Cataclysm and you and fellow citizens of Kezan must make a daring escape. Everyone rushes to the docks, and onto a ship to take them to safety. The next thing we see is our hero being resuscitated with goblin jumper cables on the shores of the Lost Isles. Thankfully you are a Goblin and have a number of (resourceful) friends who have things like Town-in-a-Box, and rockets to help make island life a little simpler.