Bethesda Softworks Inside the Vault Q&A: Jason Fader

Fallout: New Vegas technical producer Jason Fader is the latest developer to be spotlighted in an "Inside the Vault" Q&A feature over on Bethesda's official blog. The usual excerpt:
How did you get involved in the game industry? What previous games have you worked on?

This is a long story. but who knows, it might help some hopeful game developers get some ideas on how to start!

I started in QA at Blizzard Entertainment working on the Diablo 2 expansion. It was a part time job while I was going to college studying computer science at the University of California, Irvine. After a few months in QA, I started getting ideas for how to improve the overall QA process with some tools, and they let me pursue my ideas and implement them. I created tools during the development of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Warcraft 3. As Warcraft 3 was winding down, a bulk of QA was laid off, including myself. on my birthday (I was okay with it since I was still going to school and it was a great experience overall).

During my last year at UCI, I developed a small game with some friends as a student project called Hyperbol. I was the lead designer, and I did some programming. We entered it into the Independent Games Festival at GDC and it made it into their Student Showcase in 2004. Around that time I graduated and went back to Blizzard, working as a tools programmer on World of Warcraft. After the 2004 IGF, my friends and I continued working on Hyperbol in our spare time, which was okay with Blizzard since it was a small project. We submitted a much more polished version of Hyperbol to the IGF for their indie competition in 2005 and were chosen as a finalist. After showing the game off at GDC, Blizzard (understandably) took issue with the project since it was gaining publicity and I had a choice to make. my team or Blizzard.

It was one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make, but to me I only had one choice. My team, my friends, needed me, and I couldn't let them down. Blizzard understood my reasons and we parted ways on good terms. Several months later, around November of 2006, Iocaine Studios was formed by me and my friends. in my dad's dining room. We decided to finish Hyperbol, but expand it and give it a proper universe to reside. I had been working on a large universe off and on over the years for it, so it was pretty easy to transition the game into being ThreadSpace: Hyperbol. We released the game on July 12th, 2007 (why does everything happen on my birthday?!).

About a year later, Iocaine had to become inactive. The economy was being hit hard and publishers weren't receptive to funding our next title. I'm happy with what we did in the time we had. We shipped a game and had a blast doing it!

Throughout that time, I had been in touch with Feargus Urquhart since we were a local developer, and he's really great about reaching out to the smaller teams. Once he heard that I was looking for work, he set up an interview for me at Obsidian and I was hired September 2008 as a producer. Since then, I've met some truly amazing people and have been working with developers that made the games that I grew up on. Simply put, this is awesome!