Star Trek Online Interview had a chance to sit down with Star Trek Online executive producer for this article-style interview about the sci-fi MMO's recent and future updates.
One of the areas that Daniel and the team are very happy with are the Weekly Episodes for players. The development team was re-thinking how they develop missions and came up with some weekly content to help all players explore and progess in a new way. The weekly missions do not have levels so anyoen can run them. Also, Klingon players can do the weekly missions as well. So they are set up for any level, any faction. In Series One the new sector opens and players can start off with the first mission. The zone can also be explored and there are enemies to fight it out with. The new mission will give clues as to what is going on in the zone. Each week the storyline will progress with new missions for players. Eventually the zone and story line will play out to an ending with some great unique rewards for players. This style of episodic content gives players a reason to log in each week and advance through the stories and zones just like a Star Trek series. Also, in the end, the content remains in the game.

Daniel talked about the some of the bigger goals for Star Trek Online, one of which was finding a resolution to the conflict between Star Fleet and the Klingon Empire. The game is centered on that dispute and eventually he would like to see where it goes. Daniel also explained that as a player he is really excited about the non-combat missions because they feel very much like Star Trek. He also really likes the growing social aspects of the game and is looking forward to seeing players have more reasons to get together.