Fallout: New Vegas Preview

The editors at OXM are offering up a quick preview of Fallout: New Vegas based on the demonstration that Obsidian Entertainment was giving at this year's E3.
Once you're inside the joint, you're free to ignore any mission markers on your map display and wander the gambling floor. You can lose wads of chips at everything ranging from slot machines to roulette to Black Jack. If you win too many times, though, prepare for the casino's muscle-bound management to swing by and (urge) you to cash out your winnings. We try our hand at various different games, and the Obsidian rep on hand mentions that in the final game, you can go up to the in-house Aces theater to watch (live) shows if you feel like it and even pick up some nifty quests in doing so. For example, if you talk to one of the theater managers, he might ask you to keep an eye out for any good performers during your wanderings in the wasteland.

After we cash in our chips, we move to a different area and find ourselves in the desert outside the Strip. We discover a war zone fought over by the rival factions of the Wasteland-protecting New California Rangers (NCR) and the brutal, slave-trading Caesar's Legion. Our goal is to make nice with the NCR at their makeshift military installment, Camp Forlorn Hope.