The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Interview

The Escapist has conjured up a two-page article-style interview with CD Projekt RED senior producer Tomasz Gop about their much anticipated The Witcher sequel.
"The Witcher is a master swordsman, a mutant, so it was pretty important for us to make him move and look like he could really do things faster and stronger than any man," he continued. "If you are looking for tactics, you definitely will want to check out the variety of strikes, combos and ways to combine it with magic. But if you're all about fast and painless fights, you might as well just mash your buttons - I mean, there are people who play RPGs and don't really care about combat because the story is what keeps them in. We implemented a dual approach to combat in The Witcher 2 - if you're not into it, just chose the easy difficulty level and there you go. For others, there will be so much underneath."

The process of brewing potions, an essential part of any high-level monster hunting, is also being simplified for those who just want to get on with the action, while players who like to experiment will still be able to do so. "We've made alchemy be a mini-game. You can manually influence the process of brewing a potion in order to get something unique," he explained. "But then, again, you don't have to - the default alchemy is much simpler than in The Witcher."
"Streamlined", I think he means.