Under The Radar: Elven Legacy

Feeling as though Paradox and 1C: Ino-Co's Elven Legacy was overlooked after its release last year, the folks at The Koalition have penned an article to help put it into the spotlight.
Your units, heroes and soldiers alike achieve a higher level as they progress in battle. With each level you get to choose special perks for the unit. This could include specialising in attack power, more movement points or a new ability. Gylven and the other mages can learn immensely powerful destructive magic spells which if used wisely, can drastically turn the tide in your favour. The spells have an unlimited range and can strike enemies which are out of range for your archers. You are only able to cast a certain number of spells at a time however. Lesser spells can be used multiple times, but destructive magic has a limit.

Graphically the game looks great for its genre. Nicely detailed character models, attractive, vibrant environments, motion-captured unit animations (the cut scenes are also motion captured) and the particle effects stand out nicely. The sound effects are detailed with the clashing of swords to the big bang of a destructive magic spell, the music is varied and nice to listen to, and the voice acting is not bad at all. To sum up the graphics and sound, Elven Legacy is nice to looks and it sounds good too.