Star Trek Online Reviews

Several of the bigger gaming sites have weighed in on Cryptic's Star Trek Online, so I figured it was a good time for another review round-up.

GameSpot gives it a 5.5/10:
It isn't bugs that make Star Trek Online feel unfinished, however. It's the inherent shallowness. It's light, airy, and simple--attributes that might attract you at first but only let you down when you find that the game is more boring than bold. Some of the flaws will improve in time; MMOGs are, by their very nature, evolving creatures. Other flaws--the poor ground combat and oddly disconnected nature of the universe--are threaded into the core design and less likely to see improvement. For now, be wary of Star Trek Online. The prospect of epic space combat may seem tempting, but a smattering of entertaining battles are merely oases amongst the monotony. For now, Star Trek Online is a shell, lacking the substance and the style that the franchise so rightfully deserves.

GameSpy gives it a 2/5:
Having reached the rank of Captain, I'm convinced: Star Trek Online's appeal is classically conditioned. Trek fans are meant to salivate at the sights and sounds of their favorite universe made manifest, like a dog hearing the chime of a chow bell. And publisher Atari is banking on the hope that -- like Pavlov's pups -- consumers will be content with the same ol' kibble day after day. The result is a shallow, poorly paced, and repetitive game that, divorced from its storied source material, wouldn't warrant a second look. But hey, at least I'll always have that Defiant.

IGN gives it a 6.8/10:
A smattering of memorable moments in 50+ hours of game time simply isn't good enough for me to be able to recommend Star Trek Online to MMO fans. It's quite a gorgeous game, but that novelty evaporates, and what's left is repetitive, and simple in all the wrong parts. Hardcore Star Trek fans will probably find and enjoy countless in-jokes and references to their beloved series, but people who came looking for a new hobby will likely find themselves wanting.

1UP gives it a "C+":
It's currently a very good multiplayer space combat game with questionable ground combat and mission design. The space combat helps set it apart from other MMORPGs though, and that gives it a unique niche that Cryptic can build upon if they're willing to focus on developing the player-versus-player content. For now though, the combat feels like the core of a promising but extremely unfinished MMORPG. With the possible exception of the ground combat, none of the problems described above are beyond repair. Hopefully, Cryptic will eventually make good on that promise and create a game that most Star Trek fans -- if not Gene Roddenberry -- can appreciate.

G4 gives it a 3/5:
Star Trek Online mostly gets by on how it plays unlike any other MMO and these days, that's a considerable virtue. It remains to be seen whether dyed-in-the-wool Star Trek fans are going to tolerate the ongoing combat grind. For everyone else, there's still a sense that that the developers at Cryptic have a lot of gaps to fill before Star Trek Online is going to hold player interest the way other MMOs can. Until then, Starfleet sends you to boldly go with the game you have, not the game you might want or wish to have at a later time.

And IncGamers gives it a 6.8/10:
I have faith that the game picks up once you get your first new ship, battles become more tactical and missions a bit more involved. But, based on the first 20 hours or so, I'm struggling with the prospect of going back to find out. Star Trek fans seem to be enjoying it though, with friendly banter constantly scrolling through the chat box in between all the goldseller and powerlevelling ads that already plague the game. I think, hope, the dedication of the fans may just keep the game going long enough to permit Cryptic to give STO the attention it deserves.