OXM UK Responds to Fallout: New Vegas Preview Criticism

Of the three magazines that have published previews of Fallout: New Vegas thus far, the Fallout community has taken issue with one in particular: OXM UK.  Their article understandably caters to the Xbox community, but it's this quote that really struck a chord with anyone who's been paying attention to the Fallout series for more than a couple of years:
"Clearly, you have a responsibility to push the series forward, but there's also nothing worse than a misguided attempt to differentiate a follow-up that only ruins what everyone loved about the original. Throw in a new developer - [Fallout] New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian rather than Bethesda's in-house team - and there is no doubt that a fair few Fallout fans will be more than a little concerned that this could be a recipe for nuclear disaster."

The irony couldn't be any more apparent, could it? After realizing that Fallout may have existed prior to 2008, OXM UK editor Jon Hicks has issued a response to the guys at Duck and Cover:
"[On] the subject of the (absolute travesty,) we're well aware of the previous appearance of those factions in the original Fallout PC games. That information was originally included in the panel referring to Obsidian's heritage, but was cut for reasons of space - and because it won't be of interest to the majority of Xbox gamers who were introduced to the series by Fallout 3."

So there you have it - an accurate history of the franchise "wouldn't be of interest" to the Xbox community. Here's to hoping that the upcoming preview in PC Gamer makes better use of the pages its printed on.