Vampire: Bloodlines v6.7 Unofficial Patch Released

Wesp continues to make a significant number of tweaks to Troika's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, with his latest unofficial patch reaching version 6.7. The changelog:
'¢ +Prevented feeding twice from Romero and getting him a rival in love.
'¢ +Made Tourette give you her gun and forced endgame Skelter dialogue.
'¢ +Moved frenzy powerup from basement into hollow book in Grout's room.
'¢ +Forced Nosferatu to use Empire Arms vents and fixed map transition.
'¢ +Fixed Regent's reward and Yukie bug and improved on her translation.
'¢ Moved some new props and restored a few more to warrens and Asylum.
'¢ Restored Fu Syndicate alarm switch sequence and three context icons.
'¢ Fixed Jack, Isaac and LaCroix dialogues and theatre web log update.
'¢ Added walkthrough including patch changes, thanks to vampyri_lestat.
'¢ Moved new raver as DJ into Confession and restored old DJ to Glaze.
'¢ Fixed intro paintings, added two more and swapped two with Skyeline.
'¢ Corrected look-through problems of male Tremere and Ventrue models.
'¢ Removed poster quests from basic patch and added a log for Tourette.
'¢ Finally fixed Beckett's "wait" freeze bug, thanks to burgermeister.
'¢ Corrected Heather changing clothes and added Gary to intro sequence.
'¢ Added missing endgame quest logs and pause key option to keys menu.
'¢ Restored four female and two male hand skins and Nosferatu eyeballs.