World of Warcraft Five-Year Anniversary Interview

Another interview focused on World of Warcraft'sĀ five-year anniversary has trickled in, and this time it's with production director J. Allen Brack over at
buffed: Regarding five years of WoW Rob Pardo recently said, that he wasn't too happy about the arena in World of Warcraft as it's quite difficult to balance the whole game PvP and PvE just around one set of class skills. Is there something you're not too happy about as it didn't work out as good as you were hoping it would?

Brack: That's a great question. I think the thing we've worked on a couple of times and that has not worked out nearly as well as we would have liked is the Looking-for-Group-system. You know in the game once we had a Looking-for-Group-system build into the meeting stones. With Burning Crusade we released a Looking-for-Group-system that was sort of (put everyone into a pile and try to figure out what the right thing to do is). With 3.3 we're actually releasing an all new Looking-for-Group-system and it's actually quite good. We're really happy to see it. That's the first thing that comes into mind, that something we've put a lot of energy into and it hasn't worked out up to this point.