Deus Ex The Nameless Mod 'Final' Released

The team behind the popular "The Nameless Mod" for Deus Ex has released what they're calling the "final" build, or version 1.04 for anyone who is keeping track. In the event that you've never downloaded it before, here's what you should expect:
'¢ Discover a unique and intriguing setting based on an actual Internet forum and its inhabitants throughout the years
'¢ Play through 59 levels of engaging gameplay, plus a new tutorial, and even secret bonus maps just waiting for you to find them
'¢ Use 20 original new weapons, including unique weapons which may only be acquired after you've successfully completed The Nameless Mod once
'¢ Dive into a deep world with its own lore: Hundreds of e-mails, books, newspapers, notepads, and datacubes containing custom text
'¢ Customize yourself: Choose between two different Trestkon models with 5 different faces for each, and even eye-wear
'¢ Choose your own path with two parallel story arcs and tons of side-missions
'¢ Enjoy nearly limitless freedom as the world reacts to your every choice, and observe the far-reaching consequences of your actions in a detailed epilogue
'¢ Bring the story to one of 5 thrilling conclusions, each with their own detailed cinematic
'¢ Immerse yourself in a work of fiction with over 200,000 words of dialogue, monologue, and other character utterances
'¢ Hear voice actors speak more than 13,000 high-quality lines in 14 hours of audio that puts other games to shame
'¢ Enjoy almost 100 brand-new tracks of high-quality music, with at least one unique song for every level
'¢ Search for a myriad of secrets, Easter eggs, and amusing details that will have you ready to play TNM again as soon as you've finished
'¢ Tailor the experience to your liking with detailed difficulty settings, including customizable enemy and item counts
'¢ And much, much more!