Demon's Souls Reviews and Deluxe Edition Unboxing

The weekend brings us a couple more reviews for Demon's Souls, as well as a video of the contents (and smells?) included in the North American Deluxe Edition.

Gamervision shows up with the most negative review we've seen to date (6/10):
I'd love to be pulled in by this world, since it has a certain allure that could lead to a great experience. It has dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay on each playthrough, and vastly different experiences depending on the class and build. The enemy design is, simply put, wonderful, and so many different elements of Demon's Souls call out to me, demanding love and affection. Sadly, I cannot return its calls. It just goes so far out of its way to be difficult that it misses some key, important elements that would have made it a vastly better game. There's room for difficulty in games, no one is denying that. In fact, Demon's Souls is catered towards this belief. Even so, it goes well beyond appeasing those tired of simple titles, blowing past "hard" and arriving somewhere in-between maddening and infuriating.

Though the folks at Neoseeker continue the tradition by posting a glowing review with a score of 9.5/10:
This game is by far the best I have played on the PS3, and well worth every single penny I will be dropping on the store counter. With a haunting sound track and absolutely stunning views, it does very little to disappoint. In a market hungry for a game with a worthy difficulty, I feel this one will be turning up on top ten "must play" lists in no time.

Are you up to the challenge?