Borderlands Screenshot, Statement, and Interview

Gearbox has acknowledged that they haven't shown much past the first fifteen levels in Borderlands, so they've tried to rectify that issue by releasing a new screenshot of the Crimson Lance. Not only that, but Giant Bomb has kicked up a statement and a quick interview about the Atlus Corporation's private army:
So, Borderlands is pretty damn huge. How huge? We're talking 60+ hours of questing available to the player in just the first playthrough. But the thing is, all of those screenshots and trailer footage have just been showing the noobie areas of the game. You haven't even met the real bad guys yet in Borderlands; the content past level 15.

We've been trying really hard to hold things back and not reveal too much and spoil most of the game. Yes, it has been mentioned that Borderlands has other environments in the game like snowy mountaintops and the military installations, but we arent showing it! Remember all of those movie trailers you've seen that give away all the best stuff and the whole damn story before you're even at the theater? Yeah, we think that sucks too.

We are just a few short weeks away from release and we want to assure gamers there is way more to Borderlands. A lot more. So to get that point across here is just a tiny little tease and screenshot.

Meet the Crimson Lance.


Who are the Crimson Lance? What are their aims and what motivates them?

Pitchford: As we started showing Borderlands to the world, we really focused on just a slice of the game that really placed it with its influences and intent the arid but vibrant, science fiction world of Pandora that invokes thought of influences from Mad Max to Deadwood to Firefly to Tank Girl. From the bandit enemies to the voracious wildlife, even the denizens of Pandora that we have shown thus far have sort of set the table with this feeling of a wild, gritty and evocative, but also pure and authentic aesthetic.

The Crimson Lance are just one of the many things in Borderlands that we have NOT shown so far that sort of pull the table cloth out from under all of that.

To be more clear, the Crimson Lance are the private army of the Atlas Corporation the most wealthy and powerful of the mega corps of this universe. The Atlas Corporation rose to the top because they were the first to discover, reverse engineer and exploit a few pieces of burned and broken alien technology that they discovered from an ancient crash site. The inventions that came from the exploitation of this technology is what is behind many of the miraculous, high-tech things you can do in Borderlands like digitally materialize a custom painted vehicle using a transportation fabrication station.

Anyway the Lance are kind of badass. They're the well equipped, professional soldiers.