Mass Effect: Redemption Interview, Part One

UGO had a chance to grill BioWare writer Mac Walters about the scope and direction behind the company's upcoming Mass Effect: Redemption comic series.
Can you just pick up the book on stands or do you have to have played Mass Effect to understand what's going on?

I think the answer is yes, you can definitely pick this up and just be excited about it as a comic on its own, as a stand alone. I think more than that it entices people: they are going to look at it and say "This place is great, you're telling me I can actually run around this world and affect events in this world, that's great, how do I do that? I'm going to pick up the game."

What we've done with it, is right from the get-go, to say "Does this feel like something that can stand on its own?" Is this a story that if you've never played Mass Effect and you have no idea, that you can pick it up and have it stand on its own. That's one of the challenges but we're able to say "Yes it does stand on its own" but if you played Mass Effect 1 and are in the middle of Mass Effect 2 you're going to obviously see how it all ties in and works with it as well.