Demon's Souls Impressions

UGO has slapped up some impressions of Demon's Souls, presumably after checking out the North American version of the PS3 RPG firsthand.
The mood in the Kingdom of Boletaria is bleak and dire and that environment is intensely interesting to experience. This game is unapologetically dark-toned, and its dank dungeons are refreshing to play.


In Demon's Souls you traverse creepy corridors killing foes mostly by yourself, but the game has a serious amount of interactivity to ensure that you don't have to do it all alone. An in-game messaging system allows you to leave messages and warnings for other players. If you were the victim of an ambush, you can leave a note which will then appear in other people's games to warn them of the looming threat. It's a unique and incredibly interesting concept that I've never come up against in my play experience but that added an unexpected layer of depth and strategy. The addition of being able to see how other players died makes this as much an action game as a strategy game.