Demon's Souls Preview

If you're willing to do a little deciphering, there's a somewhat cobbled-together preview of the PS3-exclusive Demon's Souls on offer over at TheGameHeadz.
There's a massive amount of depth to Demon's Souls that will keep just about every hard core RPG fan happy and engrossed in the game. However, Demon's Souls also offers some original features that will appeal to non-RPG gamers as well. Everything from the breath taking visuals, the visceral music, combat, character creation, and multiplayer features, developer Atlus seems to get every thing right. The one thing most gamers may potentially condemn about Demon's Souls is it's difficulty. The game is hard, but not impossible. The challenge will likely be the one thing you both love, and hate about the game. When you finally defeat that boss after dying 20 times it's a very satisfying feeling, even if you're screaming and yelling at first.