Borderlands Interview

The Borderlands hype machine rolls on, with Fragland kicking up a somewhat generic interview with Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford.
Between which classes can you choose and what are their special abilities?

There are four character classes and the safest one is the soldier. He can specialize in three different spec. There is an infantry spec which grants him the ability to wield any weapon. There is the Support spec which is about having enough ammo and equipment and the last one is a medic spec. This allows you to heal yourself and your friends and other interesting abilities. Another character class is the Siren, she has an ability called phasewa, which allows her to become invisible to the enemy. And move very swiftly. The third class is the hunter. He is of course the master of sniping. He can develop abilities especially for sniping and assassinating. The last class is a heavy one, a berserker. He is just a big big meatball and his specialization is bruser, which makes him a very close combat fighter.