Borderlands Preview

The day wouldn't be complete without another GamesCom-based Borderlands preview, and this particular article can be found over at
The RPG elements on show were a mixed bag. On the one hand we got to check out the skill tree and how they levelled up, the huge amount of guns and ammo types, and the real differences between the classes... and they're all pretty deep. On the other hand, we didn't get to see much story or much interaction with the world and it seemed like more shooting and combat than anything else. You could chalk that down to the relatively short demo slots though; we only have half an hour and you can't see absolutely everything, although we wish we could.

If I had to dig deep and put my finger on possible hang ups the title may have, it would fall squarely on two things; the story and how deep the RPG aspects really go outside the combat; both of which are hard to assess from a preview of a vertical slice of the game. Hey, I said I was digging deep. Other than that though, Borderlands is shaping up to be a winner and has something in there for RPG fans and FPS nuts alike. Have I said how beautiful it looks? Only a bazillion times, but the whole art style for me is a breath of fresh air from the photo realistic games that the market is currently saturated with. Expect to see plenty of content as well, with the main story taking around 15-20 hours to complete, but when you go through all the other side quests and what not, you're looking at 60-70 hours.