Borderlands Preview

The guys at Game Revolution are next in line to preview Borderlands, Gearbox Software's co-op friendly "role-playing shooter".  Two paragraphs to follow:
Really, the theme of being the Anti-Fallout 3 seems to run through the whole game. It's the FPS-RPG for folks who don't like to waste time on all the in-between B.S. and get straight to the action. You've come to the appropriately named planet of Pandora to seek out the legendary Vault, as opposed to trying to escape from one and find your long lost father. The two games meet in the middle when it comes to exploring your story in a vast wasteland. You'll be given missions through NPCs who will help you move the plot along or reward you with experience, items, or things to blow shit up with.

Another nice aspect is that since this is another planet and not post-WWIII earth, there is no limitation as to what creatures can look like. Instead of giant ants and mutated humans, you'll get quadrupeds with the mouths like those giant slugs in Tremors and giant angry spider-crab-looking things that spit out fireballs. And that's on top of dealing with crazy, machete wielding midget outlaws and roided-out freaks hellbent on breaking up the relationship your head has with your body.