Drakensang: The Dark Eye Reviews

A couple of early reviews for the North American version of Radon Labs' Drakensang: The Dark Eye are now available on the 'net. First up is RPGamer, where no score is given:
With only a dozen hours into the game thus far, the surface of the main story has barely been scratched. If it parallels the character creation and development system in terms of depth, it should be very interesting. Drakensang: The Dark Eye does not seem to break new ground, nor is it the most technologically advanced RPG ever made. What is here is a solid, deep and complex adventure that builds upon formulas laid down by a number of successful PC RPGs games before it.

And next we have the Examiner, where the game gets a 82/100:
While the graphics won't knock you over, old school RPGers will go nuts for the party-based tactical combat and the rich, detailed world that comes to life as you play the game. Don't let the low price tag of $29.99 fool you -- this game is a must buy for RPG fans who constantly find themselves saying "I remember back when...".