Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic Entertainment's Joanne Laroche has added yet another entry to the long-running Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A series on the Camelot Herald.
Q. I sell potions on my Consignment Merchant and one of the best selling potions is the highest level Endurance regen potion; Strong Draught of Invigoration for which the dropped ingredient Ancient Giant Blood is required. I can farm these in the Coruscating Mines when they're not camped but so far I've have had no luck finding it anywhere else. What other enemies drop this alchemy ingredient?

A. Jacky the jack o'lantern tells us: In Hibernia, you can hunt the highest level Siabra Waterwalkers and Guardians in Bog of Cullen. There are several glimmers in Sheeroe Hills with a chance to drop Ancient Giants Blood as well. These include glimmer grievers, strikers, warshades and deathwatchers.