Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

A new Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag Q&A is coming to us from Chicago on the Camelot Herald.
Q. Last week, I saw this question in the Herald:

Q. I have looked and looked, asked and asked with no luck. My question is: For the Necromancer class what stats/attributes pass from the Necro to the pet? Example: if I make my Necro the sigil armor which adds +10AF does that pass to pet? Does my HP, Int, Dex and all of that pass to pet or what? Can't find this information anywhere so far, please help.

A. After taking a few moments to pull up a file or three, the Equalizer says: Your Hit Points will transfer over to the Necromancer Pet when summoned, increasing the pet's Maximum Hit Points. This value is calculated from both your Constitution and Hit Point Bonuses. No other stats will be transferred over to the pet.

Can you elaborate more on this? There seem to be a lot of things left out of here that do affect the Necromancer, and a lot of confusion about what (Constitution and Hit Point Bonuses) means.

A. The Equalizer decided to get some extra information and found out that answering this question required more than a simple sentence or two as well as a clarification on his point and another interpretation of the question: Necromancer pets get several stats from their owner when being summoned and then several others when fighting. The most important thing to remember about all of these stats, though, is that they will only gain a benefit from stat bonuses on the player's armor and items and not from buffing the Necromancer prior to summoning.

When summoning a pet, the Constitution and Hit Point bonuses on the player's gear and the Toughness Realm Ability will transfer over to the pet. This includes bonuses from Constitution Cap and Hit Point Cap.

When fighting, the Dexterity bonus to casting speed will transfer over to the pet, including any bonus from Dexterity Cap increases. Resistances will also transfer over to the pet.

A few examples of statistics that won't transfer over to the pet are any of the Augmented Strength, Augmented Dexterity, Augmented Constitution or Augmented Quickness Realm Abilities, or the ToA Casting Speed and Casting Range Bonuses. Neither will increased hits from Champion Levels.