Dungeon Siege III in Development

Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor has revealed to Eurogamer Germany that another sequel in the Dungeon Siege franchise is currently in development.
Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer Germany, he said it would do away with the group focus of the previous games in favour a single hero similar to his current project Space Siege.

"There will be some things that are very much like Dungeon Siege 1 and 2, but some things will be simplified. I am done with multi-character parties; I really think that it's all going to be about a single hero. It's too much to manage," Taylor told our German network buddies.

Dungeon Siege made a name for itself by playing-down storyline, attribute and skill tweaking, and controls, so it could lump hordes of enemies on you and your party. Which it did. A lot.

Personally, I prefer multi-character parties. It's not a dealbreaker, but I really don't see why they'd drop one of the series' best features.