BioShock to Become a Trilogy

Despite the fact that we still know next-to-nothing about BioShock 2, Take-Two Interactive's Strauss Zelnick has confirmed that the company already plans to develop a BioShock 3.
Three months on, and Zelnick is once again talking BioShock. In a conference call following the publisher's GTAIV-bolstered fiscal second quarter financial report, Zelnick teased the existence of a third installment in the acclaimed franchise. In response to a question concerning the Gore Verbinski-helmed theatrical release of BioShock, Zelnick said that the movie's release is more likely to fall in proximity to BioShock 3, rather than BioShock 2.

"It's unlikely that the picture would be released to coincide with BioShock 2," said Zelnick. "It would be more likely that it would be released coincidentally with BioShock 3. That also remains to be seen."

Exact time frames, he noted, have yet to be hammered out, however. BioShock 2 is due out sometime during the August-October quarter of 2009, and platforms for the title have not yet been confirmed. In the wake of impressive sales last October, Zelnick said BioShock was "a very important franchise" for Take-Two and that "roughly an every-three-year [release] schedule would be optimal" for new installments.