Planescape Trilogy Interview

Rogue Dao Studios' Mike Dismukes took the time to answer quite a few questions about Purgatorio and their entire Planescape Trilogy project over at IGN's Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault.
Some of the models and artwork brought forth by Rogue Dao Studios are stunning. What are some of the crowning achievements you are most proud of?

When we finish and release it, that is what I suspect that we will be most proud of. To actually finish something like this and produce a final product that works is a very rare thing. I think that the UI is something to crow about, the soundtrack has the depth and quality of an expansion pack, and we are introducing about a hundred new high quality monsters, placeables and buildings:

1) Tilesets: Mechanus, the Mortuary and the Gatehouse, 2) over 100 new monster, placeable and building models, 3) fifteen-plus new music compositions, 4) a random encounter system, 5) about 50 new VFX effects, 6) a massive critical plot with 6 followers to choose from in the eleven regional hubs of the city, 7) a ton of high end voice acting with an in-game cant dictionary, 8) a new UI skin, 9) new prestige classes and 10) new playable races

Thirty-one screenshots accompany the interview, as well.