BioShock Wins Jolt Game of the Year

Jolt's "Game of the Year" feature has completed its run through various categories. Aside from Mass Effect winning best story earlier, BioShock has won the game of the year:
Part of the game's genius is that it leaves you quite unsuspecting of the depth and quality of play that lies within. Sure, there's an impressive intro in which you survive a plane crash and find yourself swimming to a mysterious structure in the middle of the ocean, but nothing really prepares you for the many twists and turns that lie within.

When you're not discovering devious new characters, creatures and plot points, you're exploring one of the more novel and imaginative environments to make it into a game, but despite the strong RPG influences, BioShock never forgets that it's a first-person shooter. A thinking man's first-person shooter, perhaps, but a first-person shooter nonetheless, so even letting the many layers of subtlety pass them by, the most base of player will still enjoy shooting mutants in the face. What more could you ask for?