Fallout 2 Restoration Project Finished

It's amazing how many people are still modding this nearly 10-year-old game, which is just another reason to dust off Fallout 2. Since the completion of the last fan-made patch, one of Fallout 2's modders has now added a number of features and locations that were removed from the original release due to time and money constraints. Here's a list of locations added by the mod:
New Locations:
'¢ EPA
'¢ Primitive Tribe
'¢ Abbey
'¢ Vault Village
'¢ Slaver's Camp
'¢ Hubologist Stash
'¢ Den Residential Area
'¢ Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad
'¢ Ranger Safe Houses

New Karma title:
'¢ New title given at the start of the game. Can be lost depending on the choices you make.