The Witcher E3 Preview

The guys at Gaming Nexus were able to take a closer look at CD Projekt's The Witcher at this year's E3 Media & Business Summit.
One of the main differences between this game and other RPG's is that your actions have consequences but those consequences aren't readily known. Decisions that you make on early in the game have far reaching consequences and a lot of those decusion's aren't going to be the black or white but rather difference shades of grey. Some of the new things I saw included a new bar fighthing mini-game that you can win to earn additional money, the new non-number based character development system, new combat mini-games, and Geralts long, beautiful hair. CD Projekt is estimating those who just plow through the game will be able to do so in about 15 hours or so but those who really explore the world will be able to kill around 100 hours.