Drakensang: The Dark Eye Developer Diary #2

Drakensang.info has published their second developer diary for Radon Labs' Drakensang: The Dark Eye, this time with creative director Bernd Beyreuther revealing how he was introduced to The Dark Eye tabletop role-playing game.
A couple of months later, when I accidentally ran into a strange looking box in a toy store, I realized what I had just seen: it was the The Dark Eye rule set box in the 1988 edition! Obviously, that was a mandatory buy. When I opened the box I was instantly fascinated by all the stuff I found inside: the tables, game documents and the legendary twenty-sided die, of course.

On the very same evening we played our first adventure, like thousands of other The Dark Eye fans. The TDE veterans among you know what adventure we must have played that night it was the adventure which came with the rule set box, in which the hero had to rescue Silvana from a pirate's claws.