The Witcher Developer Blog Update

CD Projekt has added another entry to their blog on IGN, this time discussing more of the company's history leading up to the development of The Witcher.
We went to E3 2003 in a militant mood. We planned to look for technological alternatives. We knew there would be plenty of problems so we thought buying a license for an engine was a good solution and that'd save us time and money. We wanted to make use of the fairs on many levels. Apart from looking for an appropriate technology for The Witcher, as always we hunted for new licenses, we presented hefty volumes containing marketing stuff to the partners and we kept persuading everyone that CD Projekt was the best company in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. I planned looking at the engines available for licensing for many hours. Far Cry brought me to my knees. I had a look at Unreal and a demo for Stalker. I took careful notes and we wrote down all the contact numbers. After the fairs we wanted to contact the companies to ask for test versions of the engines and inquire about the prices. We were resting on a bench in the hall of the fairs with Marcin Iwinski with a feeling that we had done our duty well. But then we thought that we could pay a visit to BioWare, a company we were friendly with.