The Witcher Week, Day Four

For the fourth day of The Witcher Week, CD Projekt presents us with a couple more screenshots and a lengthy fan Q&A. An excerpt from the Q&A:
Q: Any love motifs in the game? After all, the Witcher's supposed to be regarded as attractive by a lot of women (tough, unwavering mystery of a man). Hence this should be in some way clearly pronounced in the game. As for example in Baldur's Gate II, yet better, much better.

A: As I've said earlier they'll be there. In fact, the whole plot of the game is based on important female characters and Geralt's romances and relations with them. Since Geralt had lost his memory, a lot of them take advantage of this."Geralt, they lie as to you having been with Yen. It is I, who's the love of your life" ;)