Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable Report

RPG Vault has kicked up their own two-page report of Mythic Entertainment's recent Roundtable event for Dark Age of Camelot. In addition to information about the event itself, the article also mentions a bit about the upcoming Darkness Rising expansion pack:
Saturday morning, while most fans were enjoying a leisurely breakfast, I had the opportunity to chat with Executive Producer Jeff Hickman for an hour. The main topic we discussed was Darkness Rising, parts of which he was able to show by logging on to a test server. The expansion differs from its predecessors in some interesting ways. Some are that it doesn't add races, classes or large, recently discovered regions that double the size of the gameworld. The most notable location seems to be the popular Darkness Falls dungeon, an existing demon-themed area that is being completely redone. There will be several large new zones and numerous instances, but the primary focus this time is to provide a story-driven experience that is playable, at least for the most part, in reasonably sized chunks.