Dungeon Siege Movie Interview

Globetechnology was able to track down director Uwe Boll for a quick interview about the status of the Dungeon Siege movie and video games in general. A little something to start you off:
Q: The world seems to still be waiting for its first truly successful, critically acclaimed video game-based film. Has Hollywood given up on the idea that game licences can be converted to profitable film franchises? Do you still make a point of promoting your movies based on the fact that the source material is a video game?

A: My movie House of the Dead made a lot of money worldwide because it's based on the video game, because everyone wanted to see the zombie movie based on the game.

With Dungeon Siege it will be different. It's an epic story we've developed we've worked for one-and-a-half years on it. But I think 90 per cent of the people who see it will never have even heard about the video game.

With Dungeon Siege, for the first time I won't advertise the fact that it's a video game-based movie. We're doing a big epic with big emotion. If people liked Dances With Wolves or Braveheart, they'll like this movie. If fans of the game go to the theatre as well, then fine. We're happy to attract that audience. But we won't make a big deal about it . it's not going to be promoted like a new Tomb Raider.