Dungeons & Dragons Online Q&A #3

The third installment of MMORPG.com's Dungeons & Dragons Online Q&A is now available, this time with Turbine's Ken Troop answering the questions. Check it out:
Q: Are character classes going to be locked into particular skills, or can anyone be anything they want to be?

A: There are character classes in the game that have a specific set of skills, feats and abilities that are either cheaper for them to buy, or that have specific abilities unavailable to other classes. However, we also support the D&D multi-class system, which adds the flexibility to gain the abilities of another class, and so characters can be highly customized. The only limitation to the multi-class system is that each level in each class still counts toward the level cap. This means that in order to gain access to the most powerful abilities, a player should specialize their character.