System Shock 2 Makes GameSpot's Greatest List

GameSpot has added Irrational Games' System Shock 2 to their ongoing "The Greatest Games of All Time" feature. In addition to providing a good amount of information about the RPG, they've also posted a brief Q&A with Irrational's Ken Levine. A snip:
Q: The ending of Shock 2 left quite a bit of room for a sequel. Do you have plot ideas for a Shock 3? Do you wish EA would revive or release the license so the game could be made?

A: Right now, my focus is all BioShock, all the time. Irrational has a set of core design principles that we first experimented with on Shock 2 that are really going to reach fruition with BioShock. Game design and narrative principles have always mattered to me much more than a particular property or franchise. The world has also changed since Shock 2. Back then, the idea of player-driven, open-world games were in their infancy and not particularly popular. Now they're common. If you were to come to Irrational's Boston office today and spend some time with the BioShock dev team, you would see our vision of where this genre is going.