Dungeon Siege II Preview

RPGamer has put together their preview of Dungeon Siege II, after spending some firsthand time with the game's recent press build. A little something to get you started:
Enemy AI has seen a few revisions, and obviously the place to look for an example of this is in some of their battle patterns. In Dungeon Siege II, certain groups of enemies will have a formation they stick to, with the leader being protected by minions. Some even go so far as to make special effort to keep the spellcasters and archers out of range from the player's melee fighters, and enemy groups may even go so far as to make a special formation around a leader. When the player-controlled character attempts to break the enemy's lines, the player should expect clever resistence, as the foes will do all they can to protect their leader and reform themselves. Killing the leader benefits a player's party by throwing the enemy's formation into disarray and in some cases, taking out its best healer.