The Witcher Community Q&A

IGN's Neverwinter Vault has published a new community Q&A for The Witcher, in which CD Projekt answers twenty questions asked by various fans of the RPG. Here's a bit to start you off:
Q: What types of landscape will there be in game? (forests, mountains, etc.)

A: In The Witcher we've decided to give up the tile-based system of Neverwinter Nights or Diablo - which allowed us to renounce thematic 'tile sets' and let us discard the idea of uniform, dull landscapes. That is basically what permitted us to treat each location individually - to design it on a par with our ideas and ambitions, instead of crippling our vision to the confines of technical boundaries. The Witcher will be full of breathtaking landscapes to admire - mountain ranges, forests, fields, rocks and even lakes - but they are not the greatest strength of the game. What's most important is the uniqueness of every place and a story it hides. In one of the forests the player will find gargantuan remains of an unknown monster, other hides the ruins of an ancient, elven city - each of the places will have a history, each will provoke questions and the players' task will be to find the answers to these questions. It is this heterogeneousness that we find the greatest strength of The Witcher.