Dungeon Siege II Preview

GameDAILY has put together a preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon what is known about the action RPG sequel thus far. Here's a bit to start you off:
DS2's multiplayer will be unique and fast-paced. This is due to the fact that players will be able to control multiple characters within a game, so the game retains its party-based style even in multiplayer. This leads to a ton of action, with spells of every kind flying all over the place while warriors rush head-first into the action! It will also a great improvement from the original title, which only allowed players to use a single character in multiplayer. Players will be able to play through the single player campaign with their friends and take on the same quests, except now the DS world will be much bigger, easier to get around in, and has a ton of secrets to discover. Each player will be given their own items when completing a quest, so there will be no arguments over who gets the most powerful sword or staff.