Dark Age of Camelot Interview, Part One

WorthPlaying has published the first half of a new interview they've done with Mythic Entertainment's Mark Jacobs. In it, Mark speaks candidly about Dark Age of Camelot and its present & future competition. Check it out:
Q: Do you think a game like Guild Wars changing the subscription model?

A: Well, what is Guild Wars but Diablo with a slightly different spin? Can Guild Wars succeed? Absolutely. Can Guild Wars change the market? Absolutely not. Let's say that gets it 100% right and a lot of people play. Is NCSoft in this for the love, or are they in this to make money? Since Guild Wars is hosted by NCSoft, it's not even like a [Battlefield] 1942 where you have distributed hosting. If this thing is very successful, and is a long-term success, they'll find themselves in the same position that Blizzard, for example, is incredibly successful WarCraft, StarCraft and the Diablo series. But the longer you keep a customer for a free game, the more expensive that customer gets. So, they either then have to do expansions which are paid or they look to doing WoW. So the question is: will Guild Wars have free expansions? I don't think so.