Dungeon Siege II's Vai'kesh Forest

IGN PC has posted a one-page preview of the Vai'kesh Forest, one of the many locations we'll be adventuring through in Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel. An excerpt to follow:
It all comes down to an ancient relic from the time of Azunai that was being secured from the convulsing arm of the Empire following Zaramoth's fall. The Elves were a trustworthy people, but being entrusted with an object of ancient power carries with it the danger of corruption. The Elves created many new spells with the relic, some of them wonderful and healing, others deadly and dangerous, requiring careful control. Over time, those exploring the darker arts formed a guild to share the new skills they were developing. But one death magic spell backfired horribly. It killed half of the Elf mages in the guild, and left the other half in a horrid state of living decay. None of the elders could heal them, and banishment to the forest seemed to be the only solution for the survival of the town.