Dark Age of Camelot & Expansions Review

IC-Games has tossed up a glowing review of Dark Age of Camelot and its two commercial expansions, Shrouded Isles & Trials of Atlantis, giving the whole package an overall score of 95%. Here's what they had to say in their conclusion:
Only one thing can be said about Dark Ages of Camelot, if you don't already own a copy, go buy it. Even if you hate online games or RPG's with a passion, you should still at the very least try it out. This is without doubt a title that has longevity since there are expansion packs being released by Mythic and Wanadoo with some regularity. The number of realms, the number of races and classes of fighters available will mean the game will take a long, long time to complete, and even then the fun isn't over.