Dungeon Siege II Character Feature

1Up has begun a new feature for Dungeon Siege II in which they take a look at some of the main NPCs in the game. In the first installment, they provide story details and exclusive images of a character named Zaramoth. A snip:
As a gift to the citizens of the empire, Zaramoth ordered the construction of a monument at the heart of the River of Souls from which he drew his power. The resulting temple within a mountain was called Zaramoth's Horns, the physical manifestation of his divinity and a place where the worthy were encouraged to make pilgrimage. Those who dared to test their faith were permitted to look upon the River itself deep within the mountain. If they were found pure, they became one of Zaramoth's Chosen; if they harbored doubt, they were consumed by the River's power and their souls became bound to Zaramoth's will for eternity.