Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week #21

The twenty-first installment of RPGVault's "Peek of the Week" feature for the upcoming Divine Divinity sequel is now available. This time, Larian's Marian Arnold talks about character icons. Check it out:
The first thing a CRPG player usually does when starting the game is choose the appearance of his personal avatar, and in the majority of games, this is done by selecting one of a handful of nicely handcrafted drawings. Wonderful to look at, but the disadvantage is often that these portraits look very small when you see them scaled down from what you see on the character screen. Or, you want to give your own avatar a certain hairstyle and color, which is possible to do, but no available portrait fits it. As well, you can sometimes see blurry versions of 3D characters at this stage, which makes them hard to recognize.