Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Review

XboxAddict has posted a review of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, giving the action RPG an overall score of 2.5/5. Check it out:
I'm sure some may like Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, but for me it was dejavu. Been there done that, and as much as I truly hate comparing games when doing a review, I'll leave you with this final example. In Baldur's Gate DA, your first quest to get the key to unlock whatever is to rid the cellar of rats. In Fallout your first quest as you roll into town is from the mayor, who will give you a key after you rid a warehouse of scorpions. Not to mention the levels are also just mazes that just wind you around and around just like you know who. I wanted Fallout to be good, I love Road Warrior type stuff, and as much as I hate to say it.Fallout is Baldur's Gate in disguise.