Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Preview

Games Domain has put together a preview of both the Xbox and PS2 versions of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Check it out:
Players can swap weapons on the fly, and each type has advantages and disadvantages - case most fully in point, the fact that guns still need ammunition. Sci-fi's lauded, generic "stimpacks" keep the player's health high, while the possibility of the odd critical hit keeps the enemy's health low. Dodge-maneuver rolls and other evasions are available, too - an option that some of us could have used more of in the high-fantasy-themed predecessors of this game!

Call us mutant heretics, but the truth is that we're ready for this new chapter in the post-nuke world. As anybody who played an earlier Fallout game knows, there were times when the emotion (or desperation) ran just high enough that one almost begged for a crack at an action-based game - by God, THEN we'd show our foes. Well, soon you'll have the chance to put your munitions where your mouth is (provided you have only one mouth, you post-apoc mutant, you).