Hordes of the Underdark Review

Warcry has posted a review of Hordes of the Underdark, giving the expansion an overall score of 89%. A snippet:
The new prestige classes are very exciting, although as any hardcore D&D fan will point out, they don't necessarily translate exactly from the Wizards of the Coast sources material. This can be a little frustrating at first. For instance, Dragon Disciples don't advance in a spellcasting class along with the Disciple class...this can allow you to start the game with a 15th level character that can only cast level three sorcerer spells and will get eaten for breakfast by a troll. Only druids can become shifters, where in the WotC books, any class that can polymorph or change shape can take this class. Aside from these minor issues, the prestige classes are still unique and fun to play. The Weapons Master is an excellent choice for those players that like warriors that focus on one weapon (most warriors do anyhow). Alas, my poor wizard is still missing the Archmage prestige class.