Dark Age of Camelot Interview

The Camelot Vault has conducted an interview with Erik Krebs, senior content developer for Dark Age of Camelot. In it, Erik answers questions about the gaming industry, his job at Mythic, and their upcoming expansion, Trials of Atlantis. An excerpt to follow:

Q: Throughout all your time working on Dark Age of Camelot, you have contributed countless items to the game. What do you feel your single biggest contribution to the development of the title has been to date?

A: It was kind of a toss up, between working on the magical crafts and the Unique Object Generator. I think I will go with the UOG though. This was a huge task simply because the system had to be made to fit into the existing item and treasure system. Work to improve the system is ongoing and the newest version found in the frontiers should have removed mutually exclusive multi-class skill items. We (hope) to include procs, reactives, and charges in the future. We are constantly improving it, so the impact the system has will be on-going.