Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Preview

GameSpy has put together a preview of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Interplay's upcoming Xbox/PS2 RPG based in the gritty Fallout universe. Check it out:
If you never touched BGDA, I'll clue you in a bit. Fallout: BOS is a top-down action RPG that's heavy on the action and light on the RPG. The graphics are detailed and slick, leaving you with the impression of not so much a rich world, but a carefully crafted video game that's there for your pleasure. The levels offer more free-roaming and less twisty passages to explore than your average dungeon crawler. You'll travel through bombed-out cities and deal with hordes of thugs using semiautomatic weapons -- the game has an effective auto-targeting system to alleviate missed shots while offering some difficulty.