NWN Community Interview

NWVault has posted an interview with Kinarr Greycloak, about his work and experiences in customizing NWN. In the interview, he gives a few tips on cusomization, as well as some of his favorite projects. Here's a small sample of the interview:

Q. Of all the things you created what did you find most difficult and how did you overcome it?

A. I wouldn't say that anything I've created was particularly difficult. The challenge to create something that no else has done before is what keeps me interested. To that end it's mostly a trial and error to see what the game is capable of and then make something useful out of it.

The goblin worg rider probably took the most time since it was done without the use of a modelling program. Wayland had not yet released his Gmax script so I copy/pasted the model files together and figured up the rotational transforms for some of the animations with a calculator. I'm really glad I don't have to do that anymore :-).