Neverwinter Nights Chat Log

The chat recently came to a close, and our own Neverwinter Nights section has a fresh edited chat log of the proceedings. Among the questions:

Q: I assume that this has already been answered in one way or another, but when there are 7+ people on a server, how will casters get back their spells? In other words, with real-time passing for one group, how can another group rest for 8 hours to allow spells to refresh?

A: For gameplay reasons, we're making resting instantaneous. We'll limit that, however, by putting in a limit on how often you can rest within a given period of time. Also, we're considering adding in an adrenaline factor - if you've just been fighting, you need to calm down a bit before you can get some sleep. The details are a little complex for a chat but we'll be explaining it in more detail later. Thanks.

Q: What is the status of the beta and how will the sign-up process work?

A: We are still planning for a very small limited public beta before the game ships. We will post all details on this to the page long before this starts. Of course this won't be for a while yet.

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